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Technology and Environment

Sourcing of Timber

Tsanga Timbers has always been focused on driving efficiencies through the business and to this end utilises "Woodmizer" Mobile Saw Milling Technology, specifically designed to reduce sawdust wastage. Additionally, this technology enables us to cut, within the plantation direct to specification, in preparation for secondary processing. We also thereby minimise transport costs. All timber is sourced from carefully managed pine plantations.  


Moulding and Finishing

Tsanga Timbers has imported the latest in Moulding Technology. Our Six Spindle Moulder produces everything from simple Tongue and Groove, planed, cornicing etc.... all the way through to broom handles. In addition we employ electrical and petrol driven air compressors to drive our network of the latest in pneumatic tooling, for the assemble and finishing of our products. These tools dramatically increase productivity, and the petrol capability enables us to continue operating during the electrical load shedding power outages that are common place in Zimbabwe.


Solar Kiln

Tsanga Timbers has recently completed the construction of a 144m3 Solar Drying Kiln. This innovative method of curing timber is extremely effective and environmentally friendly as it does not require burning of fossil fuels or the use of an external power source. Equally importantly, it enables us to have a continuous supply of high quality, dried timber, even during the extended rainy season in Nyanga. 

This ground breaking project is another example of Tsanga Timbers' commitment to the Environment and Efficiencies through the use of Technology.


Baling and Bagging of Shavings

Tsanga Timbers’ commitment to reducing waste and increasing efficiency was recently given a boost by the completion of our "Wood Shavings Baling and Bagging Project".  

Baling of kiln dried shavings, gives animal owners "a lot more bang for their buck". Not only are the shavings, clean, untreated and super absorbent, but they come compacted in a stackable, bagged bale, ready to be burst open, returning to almost full volume and retaining all original absorbency!

Approximately 35% of the timber fed into our moulding machine is ejected in the form of wood shavings. Tsanga Timbers controls the process from felling the tree through to milling, drying and final processing and thereby ensures that the quality of these shavings (along with our mainstream products) is very high. The shavings are clean, untreated, chemical free, and because they are kiln dried have exceptional absorbency. The combination of all these attributes creates a product that is ideal for animal bedding, and in particular for horse bedding.

As any stable owner will attest, the bulky nature of wood shavings create handling and storage difficulties and can result in prohibitive transport costs. In another innovation, Tsanga Timbers has imported a specialised baling and bagging machine designed to compress the shavings with 10 tons of force into a manageable bale, which is then sealed in plastic. The benefits of this process are numerous. The shavings volume is reduced to approximately 40% of the original volume and the quality of the shavings is protected. The stackable bales reduce required storage space and associated costs and transport overheads

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